Born from the sheer love for clothes

Shivani Bhargava, defines itself in three words Pure, Natural, and Absolute. The brand concentrates on using natural hand woven, eco-friendly fabrics to provide the finest experience of simple and easy clothing.

Since its inception

In 2014 Label Shivani Bhargava is devoted to sustainable natural fiber fabrics; collaborated with handloom clusters and weavers from some of the remotest parts of India. Brand firmly believes that traveling for fabric development can empower livelihood and create endless opportunities for craftsman around India.

We make sure

our artisans and craftsman not only get their steady source of income; we also bring them closer to today’s modern insights that enables them to stay updated with the current fashion scenario. Every day it’s a new creative endeavor. We explore and develop ways to unite handcrafts with our clothing.

We have

Tried various new methods and techniques to remain eco-friendly such as natural color dyeing, waterless printing, and use organic fabrics. Staying aware and conscious of our available resources, we focus on promoting slow-fashion and eco-friendly clothing.